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Stencil Concrete Driveways Cairns

In Cairns, Stencil Concrete Driveways are common because it adds a stylish and unique craft to your home. As a property owner, you should be mindful of the different concrete stencilling services and the possible effects that can be taken through the whole process.

Stencil concrete driveways for Cairns properties go through the process of concrete stencilling which resurfaces the concrete using stencils in order to create unique patterns on any concrete surface.

More often than not, our clients only use one predominant colour when having this type of concrete installed. However, several other colours are applicable in order to produce a lovely pattern and design of concrete. The whole procedure begins with selecting a design. Right after that, our expert concreters will prepare the old or the new concrete surface for the stencil patterns.

Preparing the surface is gravely the most crucial part of the entire stencil process. This is because it allows the coloured concrete to strongly bind on the base concrete.

Stencilling: Details and Implications

Stencilling alone would make the driveway look flat. However, our concrete specialists use the stamping technique so that they will be able to yield a deeper surface to it. It’ll be much more difficult to spot the difference between the usual pavers and the expert concreters. 

Our experts would suggest leaving the stencilling to professionals like us since you have to choose the best design that would suit the aesthetics of your property. Since it has a very versatile process, it can be a long-winded journey of choosing the best stencil design for your concrete driveway. However, you can always look up the internet for the varying designs available. However, it wouldn’t hurt to go for a simple and clean design that would go for a minimalist modern-looking home. 

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Stencil Concrete Driveways do not only have to be on a single colour. It is still possible to have at least two colours on this type of concrete driveways. Here’s a clue, you might want to have a single basic colour for the main surface and have different patterns on the edges of your driveway. Not only that, you can also mix different colours to give it a more different and unique appeal. 

Truly, homeowners’ options are limitless these days. It can also be possible to break down large surfaces and add a pattern in the middle of your driveway or even repeat patterns in large areas. With stamping accurately done on the surface, it will give you a driveway that looks like a natural stone. The only evident difference is that it is more affordable and easier to keep up with.


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