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Our concrete driveway builders are compliant to the national concrete standards and we have a structural guarantee as long as five years! However, we’re pretty sure your driveway will most likely last a lifetime. Because of our expertise in providing accurate and competitive concrete quotes for each project, there’s nothing our clients are worrying over. Pro Driveways Cairns, despite our brand name, does not limit our services to only driveways. We could also cater to your concrete demands such as entertaining areas and patios, pool surroundings, footpaths, and other decorative features.

We have an unwavering dedication to find the perfect concrete solutions to innovate and transform your property! We have every option available in order to suit whatever you need. Whether you want it boldly different or you want to only enhance your already existing features of your outdoor area, we have the necessary capabilities and materials to satisfy your preferences.

When talking about driveways, it’s more than what we see with our eyes. Your home exteriors, from your pathways, slabs, and pavements are irrefutably important when trying to make an impression about your property. Though interior design is initially what’s prioritised by most homeowners, the outdoors should not be overlooked.

white concrete

One of our most popular driveway finishes is the Exposed Aggregate Concrete. Most property owners prefer this type of finish for its premium and modern look. Furthermore, Pro Driveways Cairns offer the most diverse range of colours and textured aggregate in town! It will surely suit your preferred landscape and architectural plan for your home.

exposed aggregated driveway

Coloured concrete at Pro Driveways Cairns also offer extensive options of colours and are indeed very durable. Our professional builders mix the coloured oxide with the concrete before laying it to the surface in order to make sure that your driveways are rich and very pigmented. If you prefer deeper or darker colours, we suggest our clients to have the driveway colour sealed.

dark gray driveway

Pro Driveways Cairns offer intricate and easy designs for our clients and their stencilled concreting needs. It’s basically a simple process. When your soaked concrete is laid, a stencil is applied and shaped on the surface level to provide a stylish and remarkable driveway that will surely give you the best impression!

patterned driveway

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