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Exposed Aggregate

A surfacing solution that blends form and function seamlessly.

A lot of people call Exposed Aggregate as the ‘king of driveway materials’ because they are widely-known for outdoor surfacing solutions in Australia. These types of concrete are durable, colourful and are endlessly versatile. Additionally, exposed aggregate concrete can transform functional surfaces into design statements that could last for decades and boost the value of your property overall.

What is exposed concrete?

Most of the time, concretes are being smoothed off to create an even finish. Though this may give a clean and uniform finish, it may still be a bit boring and less practical in terms of durability. On the other hand, exposed aggregate concrete uses stones and pebbles to create colour and texture as well as improve traction and durability. We expose the internal structure of the concrete for an elegant natural finish when producing an exposed aggregate driveway. This is perfect for outdoor areas since it will require a little more grip. Hence, the end result would be a wonderfully versatile and sturdy surface that is elegant and aesthetically pleasing.

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A truly versatile material

Given that there are a variety of colours, textures and effects to choose from when making exposed aggregate concretes, the options are truly limitless! Any type of stone or sand with different sizes and grades can be used to create different effects of this type of concrete. For example, mixing quartz into an aggregate will result in a glossy finish which would attract light and reflection. Furthermore, this can be played up even more with the use of coloured glasses. Since the supplies used in this are wide ranging, colour options are also limitless. Colours can range from neutral earthy tones to bold hues like emerald green and rose pink.

Still unsure what colour scheme you should go for? Pro Driveways Cairns will be working with you to find a surfacing that would complement your property’s exterior. There are a ton of different ways to adapt exposed aggregate for your needs. Whether it be through colour, texture or fricative properties. We always work without clients to choose the right colour grade and base texture that suit your needs. The end result has always been beautifully textured. Contact Pro Driveways Cairns today. 

Finish Options

Water wash

Simply washing the surface mortar covering the aggregate is the most basic finishing option available. This method does not require any chemical or special tools to achieve. You just have to spray through the surface with water and scrub it with a broom until the desired effect is attained. Eventually, it’ll look very classic, clean, functional, and durable.


The sandblasting method is used to exposed aggregate when the concrete has already set and hardened enough through abrasive blasting. This is preferable when creating a consistent and even finish and can also be useful for surfacing steep driveways or vertical surfaces. However, it may take away the colour and the shape of the aggregate by dulling it.

Pavilion finish

This type of method uses an acid solution in order to remove cement from the surrounds of aggregate in varying depths. Firstly, the surface is ground down before the acid solution is applied. Therefore, this results in an impressive and improved slip resistance as well as a texture that is finer.

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