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We make sure that our concrete driveways are built and installed with durability and meet the requirements of modern housing designs with a wide range of colour and patterns. We’re always available to assist you with the designing and constructing of your dream driveway for your property. We also provide Decorative Concrete services including excavation, drainage, concrete pouring, cutting, cleaning and sealing.

Pro Driveways Cairns offer different options of designs, colours, and shapes at a very budget-friendly rate! To top it all off, the maintenance is hassle-free. We are proud of our quality craftsmanship and you can surely count on us when it comes to installing top-class cement driveways. Our approachable staff guarantees our clients that projects are being delivered with no delays.

  • Durable and Complementary to modern housing designs
  • Vast range of designs, shapes, and colour choices
  • Provides complete driveways installation service
  • Budget friendly and cost-effective
  • Top quality and durability

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Make a wise choice, choose the best and most solid driveway there is. Because not only does it look aesthetically pleasing, it is also affordable and high quality. However, do not expect your driveways to be eternally maintenance-free. After some time, you might conclude that it needs a little TLC. If you go for either a plain, coloured, or exposed aggregate concrete driveway, let the Pro Driveways Cairns experts to maintain it to look and feel its best.


In building your driveway, we opt for materials that are durable and can hold out against different tests of time. You should know that concrete is a great option since its average useful life may last up to 35 years.

With the right handling and maintenance, your driveway will remain in the best condition for as many as fifty years and more!

Concrete is beneficial because its structure doesn’t change based on the different temperatures, especially during the scorching heat of the Australian summer. As a matter of fact, concrete can remain relatively cool and is a preferred choice of Cairns homeowners.

Driveway maintenance

If you want a long-lasting concrete driveway in Cairns, you would have to do some maintenance and a regular cleaning. However, it isn’t that complicated. All you need to do is to scrub your driveway with a brush and make sure to remove the dirt by spraying water using a garden hose.

If your driveway is sealed properly, oil stains should easily be removed with a simple spray. After all, concrete driveway is useful for its functionality, aesthetic look, and substantial value to your home. 

To make sure that your classic concrete driveway will stay in a perfect shape for decades, make sure you seek out qualified driveway specialists who have a comprehensive experience on working with concrete. 

Not only should you ask about labour and material estimates, you should also check how long the concrete will take before it will be cured so you can get an idea of when you will be able to use your new driveway. To make sure that you get the most out of yours, do the following measures:

Avoid heavyweights

Heavy vehicles such as trucks and vans can inflict a great amount of stress on the driveways if it is frequently being crossed by such. This might result in concrete ruts and breaks. Therefore, it is best to avoid parking heavy vehicles for a long period of time on your driveway.

Treat spills as soon as possible

Large and ugly oil or chemical stains on a driveway is definitely a deal breaker. To prevent this from happening, you have to make sure that you treat stains the moment they appear. You may use an absorbent material like a cat litter for a few hours to cover stains. Thereafter, you can get rid of the soiled materials and clean the area with a common household detergent.

Treat even small cracks immediately

Don’t let your guard down when you see small cracks on your driveway. Before you know it, it may have already spread like wildfire and that isn’t very ideal if you ask us. Overtime, weeds may start growing on these cracks which makes repairing them more challenging. Therefore, make sure this doesn’t happen. 

To prevent yourself from these displeasing circumstances, make Pro Driveways Cairns your go-to driveway maintenance experts. Reach out to us today for inquiries related to driveways, we’re here to help!

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