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Coloured Driveways Cairns

Looking to elevate your space’s appeal with a coloured concrete?

Your pathways and driveways do not need to be in a dull and boring shade. Elevate your style and make your outdoors spark, call Pro Driveways Cairns to install a quality coloured concrete driveway to your property. Our team of professionals mix oxides throughout the concrete in order to make striking colours which are permanent and pleasant to look at. Here in Cairns, our company offers a ton of captivating colours to choose from. More than that, we also offer a wide range of possibilities to embellish your space with style. We are positive that you will be pleased with your coloured concrete driveway that we will install for you. If you’re looking for an agency in Cairns that will build you your coloured driveway, we’re what you’re looking for. Contact us now and we will make your property look elegant and luxurious.

Discover the Appeal of Colour Concrete in Cairns

Our company is the leading provider of colour concrete here in Cairns. We have decades of experience in concreting which give us the necessary skills and learnings to successfully achieve the most high-quality driveways on time. If you choose us, Pro Driveways Cairns, you will be sure that you can’t get enough of your new driveway or patio. More than that, we are also exceptional when it comes to customer service, matchless results, and superb value for money.


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Maintenance of coloured concrete driveways in Cairns

General maintenance for coloured concrete driveways requires sweeping and hosing it down with a mixture of detergent and water to make sure that dust and dirt are eliminated. Moreover, you should also double check your concrete if it has any cracks or fissures during your cleaning. When cracks appear, they must be immediately mended. Otherwise, moisture or chemicals would penetrate the cracked surface and begin to spread and eventually break it all off. 

If your coloured concrete driveway is mainly for residential use only and does not usually encounter heavyweights, it is recommended for the driveway to be resealed every two years. If it is used for business access roads or you live in areas which have extreme weather, you will have to reseal it more than that.

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