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Our team at Pro Driveways Cairns make sure that every detail, big or small, are being dealt with. Similarly, we make sure that our installers maintain their professionalism, high quality conduct, and compliance to our clients. At an affordable rate, you can get the best and most high-quality concrete driveway in Cairns. That is our goal. 

Why Choose Us

Pro Driveways Cairns have long been in the industry and have been experts in designing, planning, and installing driveways in Cairns. Our company consists of registered and professional builders with over hundreds of projects received and clients satisfied. We have a reputation to keep so we assure you that we only give you the best service that you deserve.

Our Services

Pro Driveways Cairns are experts in installing exposed aggregate driveways. Not only that, as licensed builders, we may also design, plan and install pool concrete landscapes, pathways, stairs, retaining wall drainage, kerbs and so many more. 

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Concrete Driveways in cairns

Concrete driveways in Cairns are pretty common. However, you can easily distinguish those that were precisely and professionally built. At Pro Driveways Cairns, we’re confident that we’re one of those that truly give the best service in town. Our clients’ feedback and review on our service will prove our dedication to providing our clients with first-class results.

Similar with our expertise on concrete house slab concrete foundations, we become very particular when it comes to the laying of your concrete driveway. Our professional team will ensure that there will be no or minimal cracks and damages. But if you currently have damaged concrete driveway or footpath, Cairns Concrete Construction also offers a service involving the resurfacing of your concretes.

Installing concrete driveways is definitely no easy task. We make sure that everything is according to certain rules and standards to avoid complications and jeopardizing your property. With the existence of these guidelines, it is better to have professionals that specialize in building your concrete driveway to ensure that everything is done according to the expected criterion. That is where we come in, our expert concreters follow the standard measures and processes needed to end up with a sturdy and firm driveway. You won’t only get quality output; you’ll also get an aesthetically pleasing concrete driveway that you surely can’t get enough of.


Exposed Aggregate Concrete Driveway in Cairns

This type of concrete is one of the most common and easily managed types of driveway finish in Cairns. Exposed aggregate concrete removes the outer surface of a fine concrete and adds stones and pebbles to the concrete in order to have a decorative and durable touch to its finish. It is indeed important to understand why you should go for an exposed aggregate type of driveway. Aggregate finishes are much more coarse than other textures. It gives a stronger grip to vehicles so that risks of slips and falls are avoided. You will be able to choose what type, grade and size of stones you would prefer for the finish of your cement. Interestingly, you may still opt to have it polished into a different look in the future.

A lot of homeowners in Cairns are now using an exposed aggregate type of concrete driveways. They actually prefer these types of concrete when building not only their driveways, but also their patios, pool areas, and even outdoor entertainment spaces. That is why it is popular among different homes in Cairns. It is extremely durable that it can even withstand extreme weather conditions or the heaviest vehicle there is. On top of that, no aggregate concrete driveway is the same. Since they can’t be mass-produced, each driveway will be unique on its own form and style!

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Coloured Concrete Driveways in Cairns

If you’re looking for a more simple and fine-finished driveway, then a Coloured Concrete Driveway is for you. This type of concrete uses a high-quality sealer as its finish. You’ll have a variety of colours and hues to choose from! From a plain boring driveway to a bright and modern feel to your concrete driveways. Our pigments and concrete are UV resistant which maintains its beauty for a long run! Don’t worry, as long as you have us, we’ll help you look after it.

Pro Driveways Cairns are experts in arranging your new coloured concrete driveway because it is our goal to make each and every Cairns property to look endlessly satisfying and enchanting. A lot of homeowners have been using coloured concrete because of the following reasons:

  • Resistant and durable
  • Easy-to-manage
  • Versatile and aesthetically pleasing

Our team at Pro Driveways Cairns uses oxides mixed throughout the concrete to ensure that your coloured concrete never fades. Our professional builders will install your coloured concretes with first-rate supplies and high-class craftsmanship. Besides, we always guarantee that our Cairns homeowners that your end result will be properly laid and finished with a high-quality sealer.

Above all else, our options for our coloured concrete comes is vast so whichever style you’re going for, we always have it all ready for your driveway installation.

Coloured concrete is one of the most popular building products available in the market since it can be very adaptable to almost any type of environment. What’s more to this is that it creates a concrete solution that would surely stand out! It is also affordable which makes it perfect for those with limited budget. If you’re thinking of getting of a coloured concrete driveways and other similar products in Cairns, don’t hesitate to reach us at Pro Driveways Cairns!

Stencilled Concrete Driveways in cairns

Stencilled Concretes are created using a wax infused paper in a roll that is already shaped to a wide range of pattern selections (stone-type, brick-type, and etc.).

Initially, the soaked stencil is first laid into the concrete. After that, the colour hardener is then applied on the concrete, shovelled in, and a release agent is being spread and textured. Eventually, you will end up with a realistic-looking tile, stone, or brick which is extremely durable and firm.

The most common places where stencilled concrete is utilized are on patios, walkways, and driveways, However, there are also some that use this on their stairs and steps.

At Pro Driveways Cairns, we have a variety of concrete patterns to choose from. From bricks, rosettes, compasses, or even custom stencils of your choice! This type of concrete usually looks like it is made of real stone, tile, or brick because of the carefully applied and realistic grout line. With over years of experience, our team have become experts in constructing Stencilled Concrete finishes. 

Whether you’re looking for a stencilled concrete to look rustic, or whether you would rather have a more modern and stylish style, we can give you just about anything that you would like.

pattern stencilled driveway

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your Cairns Driveway Experts

Our experts from Pro Driveways Cairns are very knowledgeable and experienced in quality but affordable driveways in Cairns. We take pride in knowing that our team has been functioning with unconditional dedication, promptness, and cost-effective. We guarantee you that you are in safe hands! We give our best effort to maintain good relationships with our clients so that we can be able to level out our understanding to be able to successfully carry out the job.

Our concrete installations are definitely the most prominent and long lasting in the industry of driveways. We may be different to other service providers in terms of our rates; however, we certify to our clients that our services are competitive and the most effective sufficient option there is. We provide free quotations to our interested customers in order to give assurance to their end. If you’ve already made up your mind and would want to have your driveways set up, call us right away and we might just give you a discount! So, what else are you waiting for? Grab the chance now!

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